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Why Antalya? Is it a profitable investment?

Why Antalya? Is it a profitable investment?

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Investing in one of the properties for sale in Antalya will prove to be value for money as compared to other coastal areas in Turkey. The area ensures good resale value and increased rates on rental properties hence making it a prospective place for the owners. Connecting with an experienced property agent can assist you to get some of the best properties for sale in Antalya at a reasonable cost. evara.life can help you to find out what is suitable for you In this regard.

why Antalya:

  1. Reasonable price: Antalya is one of the best destinations in Turkey to own residential properties.
  2. Investor’s paradise: Antalya is the number one tourist destination and major tourist destination in Turkey. Being a famous tourist place, it is a major hub for real estate investors.
  3. Large foreigner communities: The province has sizable communities of ex-pats, who now live here as Turkish citizens.
  4. Conducive climate: Mediterranean summers and the rainy winters make the region good enough to reside in. 300 days is sunny.
  5. Lucrative rental potential: Buying properties for sale in Antalya will leave you with good rental prospects in the future. (short-term rental return %10 , long-term rental return %6 on a yearly basis)
  6. Best locations: Konyaaltı beach is the best location, the areas surrounding Antalya city center, old town, kepez, Lara, muratpaşa, konyaaltı, Kemer, Belek side, Alanya,kaş, Kalkan and more are ideal to have villas for sale in Antalya Turkey.
  7. Rich history: Ruled by the powerful Roman, Selçuk, Byzantine and the Ottoman empire one after the other, Antalya holds a rich historical and cultural background.
  8. Accessibility: Quick transport availability and easy access to local facilities, the city center and the airport.
  9. Gain ownership: Easy process to gain the ownership of your property. Freehold title deed .
  10. Get citizenship: Paves the way for you to get Turkish citizenship on buying a property worth USD 400,000 or more.


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