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what makes a lease null and void?

If you plan to rent a property in Türkiye or are a tenant, be sure to read this article.

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A rental agreement is a contract that protects the rights of the tenant and the lessor. To avoid any problems, it is better to consider the following points before signing the rental agreement.

The signed lease agreement determines the terms of use of the leased property, the lease term, and the lease price.

In exchange for receiving money, the owner transfers the right to use his immovable property to another. The most important part of controlling is whether the property is in the person’s name. If not, has the owner of the property given a power of attorney to this person? It is very important to control this because if there is any problem, the lease agreement will be invalid.


Terms of unilateral termination of the contract


End of rental terms:

The rental agreement automatically terminates upon the expiration of the agreed-upon rental period, whether the period specified in the contract is a written or oral agreement.

The appearance of a defect in the property:

when the property owner commits to deliver the property to the tenant in suitable conditions for residential use, and the tenant has the right to ask the owner to repair the defect in a certain period, for example, during travel or vacations. If the owner of the property does not fix the defect within the specified period, the tenant has the right to repair it and deduct the resulting costs from the rental value of the property. The tenant can also request to transfer to another property that has no defects. If the defect prevents the comfortable use of the property, the tenant can terminate the lease.

Failure to pay rent within a certain period:

When the tenant fails to pay the rent or expenses assigned to him according to the lease agreement. The landlord can notify the tenant in writing of a specific deadline for payment to terminate the contract if payment is not made within this period, which is usually ten days for residential properties and thirty days for commercial properties.

Damage to the owner’s property:

Also, the contract is terminated when the lessee fails to maintain the property, if the lessee is required to use and maintain the property and furniture according to the rental contract and neglects to do so, he has at least 30 days to do so immediately after the intentional damage to the property. property to take action to fix it, otherwise, the contract will be terminated.

Termination of the lease contract in exceptional cases:

such as the death or bankruptcy of the tenant. In this case, the contract can be terminated at any time, with the obligation to comply with the legal period of notice of termination to the tenant if there is a reason that prevents the continuation of the rental contract.

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