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How Türkiye reduced its dependence on gas?

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Spot market natural gas prices for Thursday, Nov. 17



Türkiye’s effective step toward the energy hub


When the President of Türkiye announced in 2020 that large reserves of natural gas had been discovered in the Black Sea, Energy Minister Donmez announced: Türkiye will also supply its gas until 2023, when it celebrates its 100th anniversary.
Describing the discovery as a “milestone” for Türkiye, Donemez said that we have discovered a new natural gas reserve in the ninth deepwater drilling.

Fatih Donmez’s comments came after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that about 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves had been discovered. Erdogan called it Turkey’s biggest natural gas discovery.

Donmez said the discovery came only after 14 months of detailed seismic exploration in an area of ​​roughly 2,000 square kilometers.
He stated: We have drilled at a depth of 3500 meters from the sea level. We expect gas reserves to increase. Based on the obtained seismic data, we will continue drilling for another thousand meters.

He revealed that the quality of the gas they discovered in the new field is of high quality. The volume of this discovered source is 20 times the total natural gas that Türkiye has produced so far. equivalent to 16.6 billion cubic meters.


The place of discovery of this gas source

The Minister of Energy explained that we have discovered this source of gas on the northern coast of Türkiye, west of the Black Sea.

The Fatih vessel was drilling the Tuna-1 well, which discovered part of the Sakaria gas field 100 nautical miles (185 km) away.


Turkey’s daily gas production

The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources announced :

We expect Türkiye’s daily gas production to increase 10 times compared to last year. We predict that the first phase of Sakarya gas production will reach 10 million cubic meters. And in the second phase, we will increase production 40 times to 40 million cubic meters. Türkiye will speed up seismic research and hydrocarbon exploration and drilling in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in support of energy security, Donmez said.


Gas price

Spot market natural gas prices for Thursday, Nov. 17:

– 1,000 cubic meters of natural gas on the spot market costs 19,929.54 Turkish liras.


-Türkiye now imports about 12 billion dollars of natural gas annually. The discovery of these gas resources in the Black Sea will reduce Turkey’s dependence on energy imports until 2023 and will cause changes in the country’s gas contracts with Russia, Iran, and Azerbaijan. Since the war between Russia and Ukraine, Türkiye has been able to significantly reduce its gas imports.



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