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What is tapu?

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What is a Tapu or ownership document?

Tapu is a title deed, an official and legal document that shows your ownership rights. If you have ever planned to buy a property in Türkiye, you must have heard the name Tapu several times. In general, we can say that the Tapu is a document to prove the ownership of the property.

To get a tapu in Turkey, you must go to the Tapu Real Estate Registry Office to officially register your document in the office’s archives. It is better to have a translator with you to go to the Tapu Registry Office. you should keep in mind that after signing the title deed, you will be the owner of all the privileges of your property.


When getting a TAPU, you should pay attention to some points:

  • Get help from a professional to avoid fraud
  • Pay only 10% of the amount as a statement and pay the rest on the day of transfer of the document.
  • Do not pay any amount before you are aware of all the issues of the property.
  • Have a copy of the document before setting up the appointment.
  • Make sure that the document contains what you agreed on.

Introduction and review of tapu types

Turkish Blue Tapu

The blue tapo is a document that shows your purchased property is a land and has not yet been built. In general, blue tapu is issued for land without a construction permit.

Turkish Red Tapu

After the construction of the property is finished, a red ownership document is issued, which shows the specified share of each person and the available spaces of the property. If your ownership document is red, it means that you are the owner of a residential property. You are a residential property. If you intend to buy an apartment in Turkey, you will receive a red document and should note that this document is very effective for obtaining Turkish citizenship or residency.


The Tapu or Turkish title deed is also divided into two categories:

Irtifak document cut

The Irtifak document is a document that specifies the buyer’s share of the land, and this type of document is used in projects that are under construction. By using this document, you can obtain Turkish residency and citizenship and obtain a Turkish passport.

 Ownership document

The title deed specifies your definite right to the property and the final document of your property is also the same document. They use the property cut document in finished projects and it is very mandatory to get this document in habitable properties.


Topu and Cadastre Department

The Tapu Department is actually the Turkish Department and is a legal guarantor for the transparency of real estate transactions. The Tapu Office is responsible for issuing the property document and providing information about the validity of the document, and to receive your ownership document in Turkey, you must refer to this office.With years of experience, EVARA company accompanies you in all stages of buying and selling property.


Necessary documents for transfer of tapu:

  1. The desired property document
  2. Having an insurance policy
  3. 2 pieces of photos related to the last 6 months for the buyer
  4. The presence of an interpreter
  5. Municipality letter and termination letter
  6. A power of attorney approved by Iran’s judiciary with a photo
  7. Get the tax code
  8. Having a passport with a national certificate or a translated birth certificate

What is the Taputakas system?

The purpose of the Taputakas system is to prevent possible problems for the buyer and the seller when transferring money.this system helps us to easily transfer our money to the seller and to transfer money with the lowest cost and risk.


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