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Do you know public transportation in Istanbul?

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Public transportation in Istanbul is in very good condition due to the large number of tourists and travelers in this city. Using public transportation in Istanbul can be part of the attraction of traveling to this city.

The huge size of Istanbul makes it possible to reach all its places only by using public transportation.

Using Istanbul’s public transportation system will significantly reduce the cost of your trip.


What choices do we have for city trips?


The underground metro is a very extensive rail network in every city, which has made travel convenient and fast for travelers and tourists. One of the largest of these lines has been established in Istanbul. The operation of several metro lines continues from 6 am to 24 am on the same day, but most lines work for 24 hours. On average, a train passes through Istanbul metro stations every 3 minutes.


Bus system

One of the most common public transportation in Istanbul is the bus. Istanbul bus system has stations in different neighborhoods of this city. The important thing about using the bus is that if you are in a hurry to reach your destination, it is not suitable for you because it usually gets stuck in the traffic of the busy streets of Istanbul. The positive point of this city’s bus system is that it passes through various and interesting routes that are not accessible by tram and metro.

It is interesting to know that today the number of active buses in the city of Istanbul has reached more than 400 and this has caused a great boom in the Istanbul bus system in recent years.



Unlike other transportation systems in Istanbul, Dolmus works with cash. When you ride Dolmus,

You have to tell the driver the destination and the number of passengers and the driver will return the remaining money to you.

Dolmuses have a certain route, but they don’t have a station and every person who wants to get on board.



Another way to pass from the European part to the Asian part is the fascinating trips on the ship.

The ferry in Istanbul behaves like a bus, it has specific departure times

There are 2 types of ships in Istanbul. Municipal ships and pleasure ships

To learn about cruise ships, you can see the Istanbul cruise ship tour page.

And in addition to moving between two continents, it also moves you across its width

And it will get you to your destination much faster than your colleagues on land.

Even with these ships, you can go to the islands of Istanbul.

The Şehir Hatları application displays the routes and times of the ships accurately.



If  for any reason you don’t intend to use Istanbul’s various transportation systems, for example, you have a lot of luggage or there are several people.

With the help of Bitaxi, you can specify the origin and destination, and a taxi will quickly appear next to you.

The cost of traveling by taxi on long journeys may not be economical, Especially when taxis cross the bridge, they will charge a double fee, while the same route with Metrobus can be 7 lire.

Finally, I need to emphasize that before any action in Istanbul, get an Istanbul card to use all public transportation except Taxi. With an Istanbul card and a charging phone, you will not only save money but you will never get lost in Istanbul!


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