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How Can Foreigners Buy a Car in Türkiye?

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To buy a new car, you must have Kimlik (Turkish residence card). Of course, you can buy a car with a non-Turkish passport. But there must be at least 2 months left from the date of your visa.

You can see the type of car and its model on the website of your desired company and even make a comparison between them. After that, go to the nearest dealership to get car information and account number. After paying and having the original payment receipt and Kimlik, go to the same dealer and pick up your car.

It should be noted that all services such as insurance and ancillary services are provided by the company. After that, the car will be delivered to you with a Turkish license plate.

It is better to know that as a foreigner you can only buy 1 car. It doesn’t matter if it is a new car or a secondhand car or a car that you imported from another country. Note that transferring a car to Turkey has specific problems. Also, the maximum time you can keep your car in Türkiye is one year. After one year, you have to take your imported car out of the country.

Buying a secondhand car in Türkiye

Of course, you can also go to car manufacturing companies in Türkiye to buy a used car.

Many official car manufacturing companies in Türkiye also have a second-hand car sales department.

If you intend to buy a second-hand car, it is better to buy it from showrooms than from individuals, because the companies diagnose the car (such as through car body tests and technical examination…) and also give you a 3-year warranty.

Note that the cost of the notary office (notary) for the administrative work of buying a car is the responsibility of the buyer.


Car purchase tax in Türkiye

A foreigner can buy a car from an authorized car dealer without paying special consumer tax or value-added tax.


Points to consider before buying a car in Türkiye:

  1.  He must pay the annual road tax.
  2. No Turkish person can use these types of exemptions. This type of exemption is only for foreigners.
  3. Only family members of the buyer can use this car, anyone other than family members must pay a fine.
  4.  Cars with blue license plates and registration numbers (MA/MZ) i.e. license plates (foreigners) are exempt from tax. The validity of this license and license plate is given with your Kimlik credit if the person’s Turkish residence card is not renewed and you are from this A fine is considered for the person who uses the license plate.
  5. After buying a car, you have 3 months from the date of purchase to register it at the traffic offices

Tips for buying a car in Türkiye

  • To buy a car, be sure to ask the seller for the expertise of the car. Expertise is the technical expertise of the car body.
  • Avoid buying cars older than ten years in Türkiye.
  • Ask the seller to settle the tax and fines of the car.
  • Be sure to transfer the car purchase amount from your bank account to the seller’s account so that it can be tracked later.


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