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In which regions of Turkiye do Russian capitalists buy villas?

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There are many ways to invest in Türkiye, one of which is to buy villas in this country.

The price of villas in Türkiye is the same as property in other American and European countries. Then we will introduce the advantages of buying a villa in some cities such as Kemer Antalya, Belek Antalya, Kaş and Istanbul as the cities chosen by Russian capitalists to buy a villa. Benefits of buying a villa in Turkey

  1. Affordable price

One of the important advantages of buying a villa in Türkiye for Russian capitalists is that they buy a luxury villa with a higher value for the money they pay. Villas in European countries such as England, Germany, France, etc. are much more expensive than villas in Türkiye. In addition to the price of the villa, the price of the land, house, and real estate in Türkiye is lower than in all American, European, and Dubai countries. You can visit all the available villas and houses by visiting the Evara website.


  1. Enjoying the pleasant Mediterranean climate

This country has attracted the attention of many tourists with its pleasant Mediterranean climate. In general, Türkiye has four climate zones, the central parts of the Anatolian Plateau have relatively dry continental climates, the east and northeast have mountainous climates, the west and south coasts have a Mediterranean climate, and the Black Sea coast has summers. It is warm and has mild and humid winters, so you can enjoy all the seasonal activities in this country.


  1. Low villa maintenance costs

The cost of construction and repairs in Türkiye is much lower than in other European countries. If the purchased villa needs repair or maintenance, there is no need to worry about this issue. In addition to the maintenance costs of the villa, the cost of public transportation, taxi, gasoline, food, water, gas, electricity, clothing, etc. is also the lowest in Türkiye. The place to buy a villa with any financial ability, the possibility of obtaining Turkish residence, obtaining Turkish citizenship, using the benefits of tax exemptions, receiving official ownership of the villa, benefiting from complete welfare, security, medical services, the possibility of living in the best cities of Türkiye, rich culture, etc. And due to the proximity to the sea, you may be able to have a view of the sea from inside the villa.

  • Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most important cities in Türkiye, with a population of about 15 million people, due to its location on seven hills and next to the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Bosphorus Strait, it has high capacities for building villas according to international standards.

By buying a villa in Istanbul, you can enjoy benefits such as swimming pools, beautiful gardens, peace, being away from traffic, etc. The best neighborhoods to buy a villa in Istanbul are Buyukçekmeke, Üsküdar, Sarıyer, Başakşehir and Beylikdüzü. All of these districts has many facilities such as advanced hospitals, cinema, school, university, hotel, shopping malls and public transportation system, and these are suitable places to build a villa.

  • Belek Antalya

Another city in Türkiye that Russian capitalists choose to buy a villa in Türkiye is Belek Antalya. This city is located 45 kilometers east of Antalya and is considered one of the luxury cities. In addition to the Russians, many English, German and Dutch nationals have also chosen to buy villas in Belek Antalya, and have accounted for a large number of foreign residents of this city.

The climate of this city, like other cities of the Mediterranean Sea, has a pleasant and very favorable climate, and its temperature never reaches zero degrees or lower. The presence of golf courses, five-star and luxury hotels, water parks, luxury entertainment centers and shopping centers in the beautiful city of Belek Antalya is one of the most important reasons for the fame and popularity of this city. The villas built in this city are all furnished for the customer. After buying a villa in Belek Antalya, capitalists can sell their villa without any worries and at the first opportunity.

  • Kemer, Antalya

One of the most beautiful cities in Antalya, where luxury and beautiful villas are built on its beaches, is called Kemer. This city is located between Antalya Bay and the Taurus mountain range and has become one of the attractive tourist areas. A large number of people from all over the world choose Kemer Antalya to travel to or stay in because of the pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Buying a villa in Kemer Antalya is a good opportunity for Russian capitalists who are interested in the sea and the forest to invest in this way and apply for citizenship in Türkiye. Having the cheapest and best shopping centers, entertainment centers, golden sandy beaches, sailing and diving festival, ski slopes, cycling tracks, horse riding farms, the second longest cable car in the world are among the most important advantages of Kemer Antalya. In addition to Russian capitalists, Denmark, Sweden and Persian Gulf countries also choose the luxury villas of Kemer Antalya to buy.

  • kaş

Kaş is located 168 kilometers to the west of Antalya and it is 2 hours away from Dalaman International Airport .kaş is still unknown to most of Russian customers. villas in this area are famous for having large balconies facing the sea. In this area, you can mostly find villas with traditional architecture and covered with stones with a Mediterranean design. The prices of villas are constantly increasing. But still buying a house in this city is considered one of the best investments.


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