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What is the minimum salary for foreigners in Türkiye?

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Are you planning to get a work permit in Türkiye? Do you know anything about the minimum wage for foreigners in this country?

If you decide to check the minimum salary of immigrants in Türkiye, we must first mention the trend of increasing the number of job applicants in Türkiye. Since an increasing number of foreign investors have decided to invest in Türkiye. Immigrants from other countries choose Türkiye to live and work more than in previous years.


From the second half of 2022, the minimum gross wage is 6471.00 liras (US $347.28) and its net amount is 5500.35(US $295.18) liras. With an increase of 29.32%, many parameters have also changed, including the wages of foreign workers, which are calculated based on the minimum wage.

When evaluating wages, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security takes into account your type of job, your level of education, and your place of work.

Wages of foreign employees in valid work permit applications from July 2022:


  • Is tax deducted from salary?

According to Turkish tax law, a percentage of tax is deducted from the above figures.

Note that the mentioned amounts are for all Turkish citizens. However, many ex-pats living in Türkiye sometimes earn even more than native Turkish citizens due to their high level of experience. Based on the experience and services provided by the employee, they are paid equally regardless of their nationality.

  • Are the salaries of foreign citizens paid in dollars or liras?

Many citizens of other countries request to receive dollars when looking for work in Türkiye in the field of domestic services such as babysitting or cleaning. While employers may reject or accept this request. Of course, the employer is obliged to insure the employees under any circumstances.

Before starting anything, you can check the Turkish Ministry of Labor website.

Make sure you get all your rights under the law.

Employers should keep in mind that the salaries of citizens of other countries who work there must be paid according to the law of the Turkish Ministry of Labor.

Otherwise, your work permit in Turkey will not be renewed after one year. Also, if the employer does not pay your insurance, he will be subject to heavy fines.


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