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How to Bring Your Own Car Into Türkiye as a Foreigner.

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According to the rules of importing a car into Turkey, you need to get a temporary entry card called a foreign car permit (blue card) to import your car. So you can temporarily import your car for personal use in Turkey as long as it is registered in the country of residence according to car import laws.
The maximum time you can stay in Turkey with your vehicle is 730 days (2 years). This limit is valid if you and your vehicle have been abroad for 185 days before arrival.
If you have a retirement visa, your vehicle can stay in Turkey for 1 year. Or if you are a foreign diplomat, you will be granted a tax-free diplomatic license plate from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When leaving Turkey
If your vehicle is to leave Turkey permanently, the temporary entry card (blue card) must be returned to the tour office and the original license plate reattached to the vehicle.


Who can import cars to Turkey?

Customs regulations and car import rules in Turkey state that you can transfer your cars to this country only if you work, study, or retire.

Cars with foreign license plates can only be imported into Turkey with a temporary entry card. You can get this card, which is also called the blue card, from the Turkish Touring and Racing Association.

Foreign car license plates can be classified into two types:

Diplomatic license plate: The passport holder receives a diplomatic license plate for his tax-free car at the diplomatic office with a special permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.
Blue license plate: Blue license plate is awarded to other foreign passport holders who have work and residence permits.


How long is the car entry permit valid in Turkey?

It is not possible to return a vehicle without staying abroad for 185 days, even if it is another vehicle. After this period, you can bring your vehicle to Turkey for another 730 days. Be sure to remember, this can only be done twice, the vehicle cannot be brought to Turkey a third time.



permanent login:

To import your car to Turkey, you must obtain an entry and maintenance permit.
There is no doubt that the permanent entry of the car has relatively high costs for you.

What are the ways to enter Turkey?

You will find two main ways to bring your new or used car to Turkey: land entry or sea transport. We discuss both methods in detail here.


    1. Costs and conditions for entering Turkey by sea:


After preparing all the necessary documents to submit the temporary admission transaction, you must receive a customs license from the customs office and be authenticated at the notary office.

The cost of temporary entry of the car to Turkey is about 2500 dollars, the cost of the agency includes the value and clearance of the car in Turkey and other costs. Unless something happens to delay the work.


    2. Ways and costs of entering Turkey by land:

The transaction is usually smooth at land crossings, provided that the necessary documents are completed, as the process can be carried out without the need to use a customs broker, as is the case with sea transport.

The cost of entry through land crossings is much lower than the cost of sea entry through the port due to the additional fees paid at the port, in addition to the logistics, decking, etc.

What is mentioned above is related to temporary admission and as said, it is limited only to two years. But in the case of permanent entry, it is subject to the import clause, it is related to the car and its owner. Its costs are generally very high after paying the value of taxes applied. You can buy a car for the same price and less in Turkey.

Documents required to enter a private car in Turkey

  • A copy of your passport along with a copy of the last entry or exit stamp from or to Turkey.
  • A copy of your birth certificate or a copy of your residence permit in the country you want to import the car from.
  • Your Turkish identity card or residence permit is in Turkey.
  • driver’s license
  • International car insurance (if available, and otherwise, the car is insured in Turkey).
  • Car transport documents.
  • Having an agency for a customs broker to initiate the transaction.



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