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Are you planning to buy an under-construction property? Do not miss this article.

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For many people, buying a home from an under-construction project makes sense in terms of affordability and long-term investment. However, the flats you buy from an unfinished project must have the features promised by the company you signed a contract with. For this reason, to avoid the reverse situation, we must first check the project under construction. For example, as the most practical point, meeting people who have already bought from this project and getting ideas helps a lot.

If you want to buy a house from an under-construction project for a long time using early installments according to your budget, of course, the first step you should pay attention to is the price evaluation. Because the apartments in the project for sale are the ones that should have similar features to their counterparts and interact in price point. For example, to buy a 2+1 apartment in Ankara, you should compare the prices of equivalent apartments in the approximate location with the proposed project prices.

One of the most important points in the houses that you buy through the project is the usable area of the house, while the ratio of net square meters and the ratio of gross square meters is visible at this stage. Under normal conditions, the difference between the net and gross square footage of a house should be about 30%, but in some projects, it can even be increased to 50% by fraud. After knowing the net rate, we need to know the areas that are in the gross area.


Pay attention to the installment plan

While a good payment plan is one of the most important details for buying a home from an under-construction project, other financial considerations are also important. First of all, you should check the payment plans with the project company you are talking to and don’t accept the project right away. You should create your monthly installment plan correctly by planning the amounts and interim payment dates in the payment plan so that you don’t have trouble paying the installments in the future.

Details of the property in the contract

As a buyer, you should know the details of the project that they are going to deliver. The type of kitchen cabinets, the brand of the oven, built-in appliances, shower cabin, and dressing room should all be specified in the contract. In addition, you need to know what the rental price of your property will be at the time of delivery of the project and how much you will have to pay monthly for building charges.

Technical details when buying a house from an under-construction project

Project owners are required to specify the delivery date of the project under construction and, according to the delay conditions, specify which plan will be implemented with a maximum delay of 6 months. You should evaluate the technical specifications of the projects from which you intend to purchase and evaluate whether the use of the product is provided by these specifications, both during and after the project. It can also be useful to check the details provided in the sample apartment and compare them with the completed project. You should also check details like parking, swimming pool, children’s playground, and social areas in the project and check their accuracy. You should pay attention to the high quality of both internal and external features of the project.


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